• Instrument of the Gods: Chandrika Tandon’s Soul Call

    "The story here is NOT about me or the Grammy...it is about the music and the impact it is having on thousands of people, all over the world," Chandrika Tandon says in mild reproach to interviewers. "People who know Indian music, and people who have never heard it in their lives; people from over 20 countries and from all demographics – they talk of singing, weeping, meditating..."

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  • Code Crimson

    "Who’s the Indian in that Facebook movie?" the question rippled across techie twitterfeeds and desi blogs last month as The Social Network, a quasi-biopic about the folks behind the site that’s launched a million quips – and an odd litigation or two -- hit the screens across America.

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  • Saga Jolokia: Indian chili acquires a cult following in U.S

    Washington: Nearly a decade after it was first discovered to be the hottest chili on earth, the Indian firecracker named Bhut Jolokia, aka Naga Jolokia, has acquired a cult following in the west among so-called chili-heads.

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  • The Jokes' On Us

    The way Russell Peters tells it, here is how zero was invented. Indians, he says, are legendary for their cheapness, but eventually their miserliness has benefited the whole world. One Indian in a marketplace in ancient times was looking at the numeric table which at that time consisted only of the numbers one to nine. None of them were amounts he wanted to pay. A friend walked up and drew a circle.

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The Jokes’ On Us

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Saga Jolokia: Indian chili acquires a cult following in U.S

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Instrument of the Gods