Chidanand Rajghatta

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About Chidu Rajghatta

Chidu   Chidu Rajghatta is a journalist who has long written the first draft of history from the frontiers of India, the United States and their engagement with the world. Chidu was born in Bangalore, India where he grew up, studied, and began his journalistic career before professional peregrinations first took him to Delhi, Mumbai, then to Washington D.C. some 20 years ago. He has had a long torrid relationship with news, and has previously wedded to headlines and deadlines. Lately, however, he would like to stay married to Mary Breeding, a non-news/anti-breaking news political scientist and academic who loves desserts and dissertations, and has successfully subverted Chidu’s lifestyle to ruminations and reflection rather than a race for reporting. They divide their time between the Republic of Takoma Park, Maryland and the Neighborhood of Kumara Park, Bangalore.